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  • My Students Progress

    Here is a link to log into My Students Progress

  • Delaware County Regional             Computer Fair

    Congratulations to all our students that participated in the Delaware County Regional Computer Fair.  You all did an amazing job. Special congratulations to the following winners:
    2nd Place - Johnny Doleceamore and Marcus Solomon
    3rd Place - Sadie Boyle

    Computer Fair Logo Design:
    1st Place - Charles Pascual
    2nd Place - Caroline Pascual and Bridget Jacobson

    Digital Movie:
    3rd Place
    - Itamar Maurina and Harry Bricklin

    Graphic Design:
    2nd Place
    - Maia LoSasso, Emily Cornish and Merissa McPoyle
    3rd Place - Julia Gordon

    Web Design:
    1st Place
    - Hannah Quinn
    2nd Place - Jacinta Love and Kayla Brown


  • Child / Youth Protection

  • Hot Lunch 

    Hot Lunch Schedule and Online Store


  • Gift of Faith-Legacy of Love

  • Saint Andrew School, Drexel Hill

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